Sql Query Limited

Sql Query Limited aka SQL excels at helping businesses use their data and cloud to transform how they compete and win in this ever-changing environment by delivering advanced on-prem, hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud solutions to solve the toughest data challenges faster and better than anyone else.

Founded and headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand in 2016, SQL now has clients spanning industries from SaaS, media, and gaming to financial services, e-commerce and more. In our early years, SQL focused on supporting mission-critical operational databases. As our experts became known for their ability to solve the toughest data challenges in the industry, our services grew to meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients – expanding from on-premise to the cloud and from operational to analytics data systems.

Today SQL is known for its technology-enabled data expertise covering everything from ETL to ML. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver innovative solutions that meet the specific data goals of each client and have built meaningful partnerships with major cloud vendors AWS, Google and Microsoft. The powerful combination of our extensive expertise in data and cloud and our ability to keep on top of the latest bleeding edge technologies make us the perfect partner to help mid and large-sized businesses transform to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing digital economy.

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